Carnet & Revue Zilsel

ZIL_001_L204Collaboration has started with the dynamic and creative team of the Carnet Zilsel — led by Arnaud Saint-Martin and Jérôme Lamy — and its recently established and brilliantly innovative journal, the Revue Zilsel. As its name indicates, the Zilsel project is interested in the social production and diffusion of scientific and technical knowledges, combining state-of-the-art research at the intersections of anthropology, sociology, history, and philosophy with a refreshing, artisanal operational style that privileges good-old collaborative social-scientific work and the intelligent unity of form and content. It is very reminiscent of the spirit that guided Bourdieu’s establishment and operations of the Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales and I’m delighted to join the editorial team as work on the journal’s 4th issue (slated for a September 2018 publication) is underway. This is the first of many collaborations to come between  Zilsel and GloKnoS, which we are developing gradually across the Channel. More on this and other partnerships at the end of the summer, when GloKnoS’s independent website goes live.